1. Cardinal Sin
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  2. Decent News
  3. GoMa
    Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  4. Haxon
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  5. Infinity
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  6. Isolated Antagonist
  7. Krebs
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  8. No Names
    Goulburn, Australia
  9. Null Cell
    Omaha, Nebraska
  10. Reconvalescent
    Zaječar, Serbia
  11. Retaliate Of Anger
    Schwenksville, Pennsylvania
  12. Sulgogar
    Duaca, Venezuela
  13. Tyler Cantrell
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  14. Varicella
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  15. Worsaw


Machine Man Records New Jersey

Based out of New Jersey, Machine Man Records is an independent record label founded in 2017 by Chris Bollinger. Machine Man Records was created with the specific intent to support various types of electronic and metal music genres that are considered "underground" or "outside of the mainstream." ... more

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